Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Dear Friends.
This blog, Kloe Among the Turks, has been a constant in my life for almost three and a half years. This is my 850th post. It has given me great satisfaction to write almost every day, chronicling my life and artmaking, what I think about and feel.
I finally need a break. The past year has been hard on me financially, and I’m embarking on new projects that need my focus. I’ll be teaching a Renaissance to Modern art history survey in addition to my Ancient to Gothic course, so will be up to my blue eyeballs in study. I’m also starting a business that will also require a blog (but sadly, no Kloe). Find me here, soon.
I may be back. I may miss Kloe so much that I can’t bear not to write it. But for now, regretfully, I need to be elsewhere.

Before I go, I thought I’d explain my labels:
* angels (special, mystical things that occur in my life)
* art (mine, other people’s)
* art collecting (how and why to do it)
* beach (I live here)
* blogging (posts that question the practice of blogging)
* body (discussions of women’s and doll’s bodies)
* bratz (us)
* bungalow restoration (a project in 2009)
* business (thoughts on how to earn money beyond teaching)
* chickens (love ‘em)
* daily life (odd ‘n ends)
* drawing (as opposed to painting)
* dying (that inevitable subject)
* education (thoughts on teaching)
* expat (living in Turkey with kids)
* food (what I eat and cook)
* garden (what I grow)
* girl talk (feminism and politically incorrect subject matter)
* imagine this (exuberance!)
* in-progress (new stuff)
* Istanbul Biennial (a big art show in 2009)
* kids (.01 and .02)
* money (or my lack of)
* new life (changes)
* Odunpazari Project (a Turkish project from 2008)
* pets (my animals)
* politics (American and Turkish)
* religion (can’t get away from it)
* SoCal culture (where I’m from and am now)
* studio (getting one, using it, loving it)
* trade show (big international art project 2008-2010)
* travel (will never tire of it)
* Turkish culture (where I lived during my Fulbright)
* video lessons (my new business venture)

I wish you all the best for 2010.
Love and kisses, always.