Monday, April 12, 2010


Hi Friends of Kloe,

I've had clean-up of "Kloe Among the Turks" on my to-do list for ages. Lots of spam found me, and I've never wanted to use a spam blocker or review each comment before publishing. So I'm restricting comments on this blog. You know where to reach me if you want to chat.

It was the right decision to end Kloe--have been swamped with other obligations. I miss the daily ritual of writing, though. My new blog and website are stalled (sigh), but I'll write when they go up. It's about drawing, but you know me--I can rarely be totally serious or stick to the point.

My painting career continues to progress. I now have a dealer and agent who are pushing to get my work out there. Am even on Artnet! I had a solo show in LA and am in studio every day.

Teaching is not so good. California continues to cut education and I'll be back on the dole soon. Students can't get classes they need to graduate. Californians don't want to pay taxes to support education, so they'll support jails and highways carrying smart people out of the state instead.

If you've been perusing the toy aisles lately, you'll notice there are no Bratz for sale. Legal battles with Barbie hurt production, but new Bratz will be unveiled in Summer 2010. Let's hope they haven't de-sassed us.

Finally, my chef and little artist are fantastic. We have a new hamster, Mickey, because Biscuit departed to Hamster Heaven.

That's it for my Christmas letter in April.
kisses to all.