Saturday, November 18, 2006

Kloe-Martha Among the Turks

We’re having a “Mexican Party” tonight–late Day of the Dead, early Posada. I’m making tacos from corn tortillas I brought in my luggage. I also brought cans of refried beans and chipotle sauce. Found flour tortillas and tequila (small bottle, $30) here at Migros. Ice is not customary in Turkey, and you definitely can’t buy a bag, so I’m making it in my incredibly small ice trays in my non-frost-free freezer that is getting smaller each week. It’ll be a trick to try to feed a lot of people, including kids, out of my small fridge and oven.
We’ve invited almost everyone we know, so we’ll see how Turks party.


Jane said...

Kloe--gee, I think I'll come--save a place! I even brought chedder cheese with me. What do you use for cheese in Turkey?

Jane said...

Oops--that was me--not Ken. Didn't realize that his name came up.

kloeamongtheturks said...

Hi Jane,
You're welcome anytime, with or without chedder. I used "kasar" for the quesadillas; it's sort of like provalone.
About the books, most of them are one way--donations to the university and the kids' schools. But not my cookbook! Somehow getting recipes off the web is just not the same as reading from a well-stained book!