Saturday, January 06, 2007

Imagine This

You are swimming in an indoor thermal pool that smells vaguely of lavender. You dive through a tunnel into the open night. Steam is rising off the water. And falling on your head are snowflakes, so you are both warm and chilled. Your seal-son is bobbing next to you, looking up into the dark and describing how he is traveling in space among the stars. And because you are from SoCal, you keep thinking it’s not snow but ash falling from the sky. This is Anatolia—it both stings because it is harsh and melts you completely because it is beautiful.


Elizabeth said...

Imagining all this and more.

I came here via a link on the BlogHer site.

Now I've read every post and am thirsty for more.

Art and Turkey - with food and feminism and good humor thrown in - what could be better?

Thank you. I look forward to frequent visits.

kloeamongtheturks said...

Wow, thanks. I'm glad you like it. I always wonder if what I'm writing and showing is at all interesting...