Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Jetson’s Lifestyle

We talk to our family in SoCal by video conference call several times a week. I can’t believe the difference this has made in us feeling OK about being away. Let’s just say the family was not pleased to hear we were going back to Turkey for a year. But now the kids chat with SoCal while eating breakfast in front of the camera; it’s almost like being at home with them.
A down side of video chatting is that my parents are making judgments about my emotional and physical state by seeing me—usually at 7am when I’m trying to get cocopuffs on the table, etc., or late at night when I’m tired. These are not my best moments. I wish I had one of those masks the Jetson’s mom used to wear when she got a video call (isn’t it weird the way some things stick in your mind?).
These same parents are arriving tomorrow and we are going to meet them in Istanbul. It still gives me a thrill to go to that Most Beautiful City, so exotic and amazing. I’ll be posting pics!

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