Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Want Butter with your Meat?

We also went to Bursa for a few days. Turkey’s fourth biggest city after Istanbul, Ankara and Ismir, Bursa is a big shopping mall, but also an important historic center. Photo above is one of the tombs of a Pasha from the 13th century, surrounded by his wives, etc. Turks were visiting and praying in front of the tomb. The local specialty is Iskender Kebap, which is sliced pressed lamb in tomato sauce over flat bread, then doused in herbed butter, served with grilled green pepper and yogurt. Not exactly low calorie, but quite good.
As a side note, we’ve outgrown budget hotels. Our regular two-star dive in Bursa, which had served us well before kids and with babies, no longer cuts it: no wireless, no comfortable lobby (where one parent can get away), no storage in the room, no kid activities. Plus it’s not that cheap (about $80 per night). Better to spend more for more comfort. Duh!

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