Monday, April 23, 2007

Two Interesting Articles about Feminism and the Arts

Yoko Ono talks about her work in relationship to feminism.
Two critics discuss the paintings of Lisa Yuskavage.
I love the idea that Ono has recreated her “Cut Piece,” in which she invites audience members to cut off her clothes piece by piece. The work was about one thing when she performed it at age 30, but it seems to me about quite different things at age 70. Most people never see a near-naked mature woman, and if they do, is it still about sex? Violence? Vulnerability?
Yuskavage paints mutant sex babes in candy colors. I've always thought it pretty gimmicky. The article hits home when it addresses the commercialism of the work; how it’s not OK to hang a Playboy centerfold in your million dollar home, but very cool to own a Yuskavage or John Currin.
I returned to teaching and painting in the Faculty today, and am almost deliriously happy.

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