Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Existence and Future of Kloe

A blog I have been fascinated with for months went silent for a while. She is a very funny ex-Mormon in Texas who struggles with motherhood, poverty, school, chickens, lovers, and depression (from the looks of it). Her blog has existed since 2002, over five years. She’s back, furious, but back.
Blogger has this big button labeled “Delete Blog.” When I first started this project I didn’t understand this button. Why would you want to delete your hard work? But I come across bloggers who have done it, or deleted sections of their blog they felt were damaging to themselves or others. Readers can be referred to archives that no longer exist, and it’s frustrating, sometimes sad. Other bloggers fantasize about pulling the plug. And it’s almost like killing off a friend. But I could also see myself getting to a place like that. It’s possible.
What will I do in two months when I leave Turkey? Write a blog called Kloe Among the Rich Americans? Kloe Gets Reaquainted with her Life? Kloe Continues her Struggle with Art and Life? Will Kloe still have things to say when she’s no longer the exotic blond foreigner, living among lovely exotic people whom she often can’t understand?

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