Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ideas on Art Collecting

I’m working on my own collection from Turkish artists, and have some random thoughts…
• Collect artwork from unestablished artists (did you notice I didn’t say “young” artists? Lots of unknown artists are not young…) you like from a reputable gallery (not a tourist gallery). Check out the local university. Also collect from your friends and friends of friends. If you buy prints or watercolors, be sure to keep them out of bright sunlight, they’ll fade.
• Every year or so move your artwork around your house. I learned this trick from my grandmother. When you change an artwork’s position, you can see it fresh. So the painting you looked at over breakfast every morning last year is now what you look at from your bed, etc.
• I’m going to start a little club among my artist friends who have a lot of original artwork around like I do. Every couple of months, when we get together to critique each other’s work, we bring a small piece with us for a temporary trade. Then you get something new to look at that you maybe wouldn’t have considered for your own house.
• Artworks like to talk to each other. Group them. Put a little sculpture in front of a painting on top of an old piece of embroidery or tapestry. Make a little shrine to art.
• Consider that some artworks may be private, for your pleasure only. This is an old idea that deserves another chance (before the photographic era, erotica and portraits of mistresses were kept under curtains). It goes against the grain of obtaining art for status. You can take out your special artworks only for certain friends, like sharing a secret treasure.

I took my show down yesterday, sold 11 small nudes and one knitting painting, and got one commission. Pretty good, all in all. Have already spent most of the money on canvas and paint for my new big nudes.
My grandmother’s health seems to be under control again, so I have decided not to leave Turkey suddenly. Thank goddess. I am really exhausted from worrying and my own health could be affected.
Plus, I sort of got arrested today… story tomorrow…

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