Monday, June 18, 2007

Tahini and Observations

Yesterday I gave an all-day farewell brunch for the friends who I knew would be stopping by. I fed and caffeinated about 30 people, including 8-10 boys (lost track) who basically ate candy bars and nothing else. Tonight we take the 1:00am bus to Istanbul, and tomorrow I send my family home to SoCal.
Everyone except my close friends here raise their eyebrows at me staying. But I’m not ready to leave. I have work to do and places to go, friends to be with that I won’t see again soon. My next classes don’t start til August. And I’m interested to see what it feels like to be without my kids. I know it will be lonely. Maybe I’m a bit masochistic.
Bought tahini rolls to take to my mom and gram. These are only available in our city, and they are amazing: sweet, crunchy, texture like peanut butter in between thin layers of dough. Major calories.
Sonra gorusurus. (See you later.)

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