Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chasing the Sun to the West

Here are some of the text messages my friends sent me in my last few days in Turkey:
• Have a nice flyt. I will miss you! We will see soon! Kiss G
• Thanks again for the lovely Thai dinner. We'll keep in touch! Have a safe trip! M
• I wish u good luck and thank u. I hope things get better in yr life. Have a nice fly. Z
• Thanks for all u did for us, school, country, family F
• Now I'm thinking you I will miss you. Thanks 4 everything. Yr helpful yr friendship. Please come again. I love you. Everytime be happy... H
• Have a good trip! I will miss you so much, keep in touch! hugs of love S
• I love you Kloe. We will meet again. I will write you. Kiss S
I need to think of these things, as my life is very hard at the moment. It is my little boy’s birthday today, and I remember so well the hour six years ago he was pulled from me and, unwrapping him, bloody, we put him on my chest and he was like a petal from the softest flower.
I need to remember these good things.

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