Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Like Heights

I have a close friend who is married to a psychiatrist in training, and now she has to do her 400 days service to country, as Turkish socialized medicine demands. They were hoping for a post nearby, because my friend can’t leave his job. But no such luck, she is being sent to a small town outside of Mardin, on the Syrian and Iraqi border. So the couple, newly married, will be separated for 14 months, she in a very isolated and possibly dangerous place.
My poor friend tries to see things on the bright side (anyway he’s not the one who has to go to the East). It is a gift not everyone has, to not look down, to embrace change. Luckily, I like change and risk, or I’d be terrified right now. My life will start anew, just as my friends’ will.

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