Monday, September 10, 2007

Cowboy Art

This painting is by Olaf Wieghorst. It’s one of those “if the house catches fire, grab it” artworks. In fact, friends of my parents lost their home in a forest fire a few years ago, and several paintings burned up--those people are still crying. I’ve never loved this work, though, too cool and emotionally distant.
What I do love is Deadwood. I’m watching the third season on DVD now. Smart, violent, sexy, and the language, oh my God, the language is amazing. And Ian McShane really pushes my buttons, but I bet you guessed that…

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Lis said...

I love Olaf Wieghorst's artworks! I'm pretty inclined to cowboy stuff, what I like most of his works is the "Apache Renegade" as well as “Appaloosa”.

This cowboy artwork also caught my attention. Created by D. Michael Thomas.