Thursday, October 04, 2007

Best Wishes from Turkey

I sent email announcements for my “Portraits of Turkish Women” exhibition in SoCal to my friends in Turkey. Now I’m getting the most lovely emails back:

from a close friend:
Dear Kloe,
I miss you... and this semester going to be very sad I can say that. All students asking you. We saying that Kloe was go back to SoCal.
Anyway I put my life slowly in order. How about you? I received invitation of your exhibition. Thank you and congratulation.
I wish, I were there. I hope you will get big success in the art world of your country.
When I came to my room after the long summer break I saw alot of great art books in my office. I got shock. You left me a treasure.
Thank you for all. Today S and I we talk about you. She also missing you too much.
This semester I will go to Afyon Kocatepe Universty Fine Arts Faculty to give a painting studio class. It is going to be very hard but I need to be far away from Our Anatolian City just for a while..
Keeping touch with you
Have a nice day, take care your self

from my gallery in Ankara:
Congratulations ! Hope the guests like the portraits. We wonder about their impressions, especially when you compare with the people in Turkey. Looking forward to hear from you soon and best wishes,

from a Turkish artist friend:
sevgili kloe
sergini kutluyorum başarılar diliyorum çok güzel bir sergi olacagına eminim. yolladıgın çalışmayı çok sevdim.

(art above by Turkish glass artist Cemal Cingi)

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