Saturday, November 10, 2007

Blown Away

I just finished teaching a first semester design class. My final project was to “write a letter to someone who is not in your life anymore” (or to someone you have yet to meet) in images and words, using all the media and elements of design we studied in the course.
I was so moved by these student projects I’ve included them below. They include letters to grandmothers, an unborn child, a sugardaddy, a future mate, an absent father, and a boyfriend in prison.

(text to the steaming pot)
There are times when I go to your house
I close my eyes and wish to
See you again. I open the door. I start walking
Wishing that when I turn into the
Kitchen, I’ll see you there cooking like always… but
You are never there
And my heart shrinks back down again.

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