Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Inherit What’s Important

My family is an odd combination of Puritan-frugal and priviledged middle class values. An older generation that did quite well, and succeeding generations who have done less well. I am about to witness something I haven’t before: the extended, blended family dealing with an estate. I’m afraid it won’t be pretty. Thank god I’m not directly involved. But I know my gram promised people things, and didn’t write them down. It’s human nature to make assumptions, and then comes hard, cold probate. Some will be furious. Some may feel betrayed.
I am trying to feel detached. That I won’t, for example, get the piano (I, the only one to play it). That the paintings I made in the house may be given away. There is no way to quantify love, no use in trying.
Suck it up, as she would have said.


E said...

Hi.So sorry your grandmother.Please write me a short mail,because my pc broken and reorganiseted but unfortunately all of my adress deleted.Loves,E. from cactusland.

DBG said...

I'm so sorry about your grandmother. A transatlantic move, fires in SD, too much work to do, and now this grievous loss -- it must be awfully overwhelming. I'm sure you derive comfort from the many good memories and hope these can keep you strong in the coming weeks.


kloeamongtheturks said...

Dear E and DBG,
Thanks for your good thoughts. I've been dealing with this dying for many months, but am just able to blog about it now, that's why all the dark and dirty posts...
But SoCal sun continues to shine. Hope it's shining where you live too.