Monday, December 10, 2007

Eat Well or Don’t Bother

Why don’t Americans know how to eat? We are heathens. We stuff ourselves with food that is fast, over-processed, greasy, sugary and just not worth eating. How I long for civilized meals that are slow, in which we eat only small amounts, we drink good wine and water complimented with fresh, chewy bread. Such meals can’t be eaten alone, or with children. Such meals need adult conversation with partners who have many experiences and broad education. They need good music and warm surroundings. They should be eaten at either mid-afternoon (my favorite time for a meal) or 10pm, on long tables laden with dishes and candles.
I am living in a desert.


lidia said...

Kloe, you are right on, except I am not sure about the chewy bread? Can you be more specific: baguette or flat pita style, or...

kloeamongtheturks said...

Right now I'm into seedy baguettes... let's go museum hopping soon with our little guys!