Friday, December 07, 2007

Holidays, SoCal Style

We went to light the candles for Chanukah, then over to the Park for the annual holiday celebration. Saw a Mexican Folklorico dance troupe (big skirts, kissing behind sombreros) that also performed Irish. Imagine a bunch of handsome Latinos doing Riverdance; it starts to rain and these kids keep on tapping in the downpour as we cheer them on.
We walk in the dripping night under palms trees wrapped in lights to eat bratwurst and burritos. Thousands of people, kids and dogs in tow, wearing bags on their heads cause few here remember to bring umbrellas. The city looked beautiful. I guess SoCal is just as exotic as Turkey after all.
Tomorrow have to get up and cook again.
Photo taken in NYC in front of a decorated holiday window, a tradition we don’t have here at all.

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