Friday, February 01, 2008

Kloe and (Bill) Clinton

No, we were never a couple, although I’m sort of his type, no?
What I’m thinking about is his ability to “compartmentalize,” to separate the different areas of his life and hats he wears. So at the same time he could follow complicated foreign and domestic affairs, he could have affairs and conduct business, keeping each separate to preserve his sanity and his image.
I’m sort of like this too. I have many identities and threads going on in my life. Parts of my life stay totally private from other parts. Take blogging, for example—it’s separate from my life as a mother for the most part. My personal artwork and my client-based artwork don’t mix. I try to keep something that is hurting me in one of my lives from affecting my other roles.
When I get down or too stressed, I think of Bill.

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