Monday, February 25, 2008

That Mom Thing

I’ve been thinking about Hilary Clinton’s tone of voice lately, how she’s being compared to the Shrill Woman, the Mom. And that’s so unfair, but at the same time, accurate.
When you’re growing up, Mom is the one who usually cares if you eat with your mouth open, belch in company, leave your pajamas in a wad on the couch, get in trouble at school, spell things incorrectly (Dad sees more the “Big Picture,” which is important, but not more so than civilizing the heathen…).
Moms tell you, OVER AND OVER, the rules of society. If we had to say it only once, we wouldn’t sound so harsh. But that’s not reality—kids don’t listen until we practically shriek. We’ve all heard the voice of Hilary. And we resent it. I wish someone would tell her, but she probably can’t help it.
I can't either.


Anonymous said...

it's so true.. i could not put my finger on that voice, now i know what it is.. thank you.

kloeamongtheturks said...

Yeah, I find it excruciating to listen to the woman right now. I don't watch tv, but I'm hoping that with visuals the tone is less harsh.