Saturday, March 15, 2008

Different Kind of Art

I spent the evening baking lemon bars and brownies with good, expensive chocolate. My mom is giving a “ladies’ luncheon” for her friends, isn’t that cute? I’m doing dessert.
My grandmother and my mother, along with a few women I roomed with, taught me how to throw a party. My sister is also good at this, better than I am. Dinner, brunch, luncheon, cocktail, it doesn’t matter, we can host 10, 20, 50 people, no problem. I don’t think this is something you can learn from reading Martha Stewart; you need to experience how to do it. Most people wouldn’t even consider throwing a party. So it’s up to us few, who can cook and organize, put music on, buy some flowers, straighten up, get conversation going, set a table, drink some wine, enjoy. A lost art.
(yellow flowers above are broccoli)

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