Sunday, April 13, 2008

The 2 main things that I feel I missing in my life are:

1. Financial stability-- it causes me lots of stress at times, but I'm learning not to let it bother me
2. A support system--- I really miss being near my family & close friends. I feel it's very hard to really connect with people in CA (at least for me)
Oh- I do remember losing a black leather jacket that I loved years ago when someone borrowed it & lost it. It still bugs me a little when I think about it.
I guess the obvious thing to hope to find in the Middle East would be peace, but unfortunately I don't think that will happen. As far as Turkey goes, I would settle for one of those embroidered throws, some beyaz penir, that fabulous green melon & some raki :)
(from a friend of Kloe who was with her in Turkey; dark house image by beginning drawing student)

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