Sunday, April 20, 2008


Found a local market that stocks Middle Eastern products and produce. I knew I might be in heaven when I saw an entire aisle of olives and olive oil. Here’s some stuff I gleefully threw in my basket:
Turkish cay (black tea)
Black olives (douse with thyme and olive oil)
Dut (dried mulberries)
Pomegranate syrup (for salad dressings and drinks)
Bulgarian feta (to go with the olives)
Ulker Halley cookies
Unfortunately, no Turkish chocolate, but that might be wishing for the moon…


Expat^Square said...

You may like to try Trader Joe's. It carries some Turkish food items like dried apricots, hazelnut spread, etc.


sugar cube said...

You hit the big time!

kloeamongtheturks said...

Yes, I shop TJ's, but this place is much less slick, really love it. Has a halal butcher I think. Went back for more quince and helva for Passover this weekend. Also has great pan dulce... only in SoCal!