Thursday, May 08, 2008

Cumulative Exhaustion

It’s reached that point in the semester when I’m so tired I can’t remember what day it is or where I’m supposed to be without looking at my Palm, which is currently lost. I can’t recall when I’ve been more exhausted, except, of course, living with a newborn.
When you feel this deep kind of exhaustion you start to make mistakes. You begin to ignore phone calls, misplace things, forget deadlines, accidentally lock yourself out of the house or crash your car a bit (yep… I’m ignoring this at the moment). You zone out in front of the computer. You get mad if the dean’s secretary looks at you cross-eyed (respect!) You let things go. The trick is to let the right things go…
I have to prepare, give and grade four exams in the next three weeks; my students were saucer-eyed today during a review. That’s about 300 tests to read. Then I have to do final grades, calculating each mathematically, and fill in the endless paperwork.
But, happy light through the Pantheon oculus, I may have a vacation coming… and someone sent me a poem… and a student said she liked my class and how did I keep in shape… ;)

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