Sunday, May 25, 2008


Kid.02 and all his classmates are on a color-coded behavior system to finish out the year. Every child starts each day as a “good kid” with a green. If you get a warning for poor behavior you move to yellow, then orange. The worst is red. I’d be very upset to get a red coming home.
But if you’re quite good you can progress to a blue. And if you’re SUPER, a purple. The first kinders to get purples were girls, of course. But when my kid came home with a purple in his little hand, I was beyond proud. Partly because he's a bit wild.
As reward, he got to choose a ColdStone pint: white chocolate ice cream with double brownies, chocolate chips and sprinkles. Sweetness well deserved.


sugar cube said...

He's a good kid! Almost finished in istanbul also!

kloeamongtheturks said...

We went to L and M's going back to Texas party; nice to see them, and they seem happy. H apprehensive about returning to Turkey.
Hope you are fine!