Saturday, June 21, 2008

Painting Frenzy

Every day I go to my borrowed studio, slide the door shut, and layer the paint, fling it, slap it, slather it on my unstretched canvases. My “white” paintings start out very colorful, painfully so. I suppose I like the challenge, how to be generous with pure hue, and then slowly take it away, gray it down, layer by layer.
I’ve got six paintings started now, all based on iconic Classical and Hellenistic Greek sculptures of women—the Phidian wet look, which I adore (clothes so thin you see the body underneath, because women were not allowed to be depicted undressed). At the same time I’m again trying to reach abstraction, as I did a year ago with my knitting paintings.
I paint a body underneath the sculpture, and let it show through a bit.
Have been inspired by a friend’s work, and am trying to convince him to show with me. Are you convinced yet?


dmovies said...

loving the looks finished to the style, the colors, the composition...
how do you know when to stop?
love l

kloeamongtheturks said...

Hi L,
Don't know, am leaving it for now to get to the others. Then maybe I'll be done if nothing bugs me. But it's always a problem, knowing when to stop.
Want to show them to you.