Friday, August 15, 2008

Fall Semester Starts Soon

I’ll be at three different schools. Filling my gas tank is going to be brutal.
I’m teaching beginning drawing, art history (Ancient to Gothic), color theory, 2D design, and possibly linear perspective or digital imaging. I expect the history survey to be the most work, and it pays the least. But—hear me pledge—I will do a better job, try to complain less, and enjoy learning more about Greek figurative sculpture in particular.
If you’re thinking of going to university, you better sign up now, because classes are almost completely filled. There are going to be many disgruntled students who won’t be able to crash courses in the next few weeks. I hope Arnie Baby hears about it.


Anonymous said...

5 preps, 3 locations, high gas, low pay, benefits? = brutal.

assuming you are not already certified to teach HS, why don't you pursue a non-traditional licensure to teach art in a high school?

you are not the first to work yourself to death as an adjunct. don't be the last to escape the treadwheel.

thank you for sharing the details of your life. just wish politicians would learn from blogs how their policies/lack of action affect everyday people.

kloeamongtheturks said...

Hi Anon,
Thanks for your concern.
I do love teaching, not sure high school is for me, but am considering something like that. However, there's stiff competition, you can't believe how many of my students are "art education" majors (sort of a strange major IMO)...
Benefits? no, none... that would just be expecting too much!