Friday, October 03, 2008

Big City WannaBe

As I watched the debate last night I was filled with strange conflict. I both wanted Palin to do well and for her to fail miserably. As much as I disagree with her views, and think she’s not ready for such office, she represents our sex. I wanted her to fail nobely, I wanted her to be smart even though she’s inexperienced. I winced as Biden laughed, thought he’s laughing at her, at ME, cause I’ve felt that so many times from men of that stature.
And Oh-My-God, nucular? I-rack? I-ran? Kill me now.
Am up in SF for the weekend, needed a Big City break badly. At this very moment I’m in a cafĂ© on Nob Hill sipping cab.
Saw SFMoma this morning, very inspiring! Also saw very fancy galleries (a lot of the work was unframed because of expense), and overheard this:
“I just wish people were crazy again, you know, buying art…”
Painting, David Park, who some people compare me to, and I’ll take that, thank you…


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Kloe, if you have any time you should call me, I'd love to see you while you're here.

Were the Vegas videos still up at Moma? They blew me away, especially the helicopter piece.

Hope to hear from you,

kloeamongtheturks said...

Hi Maya,
Yes, will call you, maybe you can meet me at the deYoung tomorrow?
Hope all is well!
Didn't see the Las Vegas stuff, it wasn't running, but I loved the Swiss animations about monkeys and Poser man... very bleak.

namastenancy said...

If you get back to SF, e-mail me and we can meet in person - coffee, lunch, etc. - on me. OK? I'd love to meet you and as a fellow artist and one who lived in Turkey, I think we'd have some things in common. Plus, your work is David Park-ish. Totally cool. He's one of my favorite painters.

kloeamongtheturks said...

Oh, thanks for the offer. I only get up there once a year or so, but really enjoy it (although it's COLD for a SoCal girl!)
Please stay in touch.