Monday, October 06, 2008

Sequined Bras in the Window

Flew south again.
It’s almost always good to get out of your life/routine/stressload/head for a few days, especially if you can get into someone else’s life (try on their underwear, metaphorically). The people I compare myself to up in NoCal are as close to me in life situation as possible, but have made very different decisions.
What I come away with is an awareness of how selfish the artist lifestyle is, how focused on obscurities that most think trivial. I had to stop myself from talking about my work, cause I’m enthusiastic, but don’t want to bore my friends, or make them think I’m as self-centered as I really am. I need their clear-eyed input, but lately I think I'm sort of manic in the number of projects I've started. Oh well, better than the alternative.
image taken in Chinatown, San Francisco

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