Monday, October 27, 2008

Urban Garden

My most urban school, right downtown among the skyscrapers and expensive condos, is pretty progressive. And we’re being pushed to be green.
Six months ago volunteers covered a patch of grass, unused by loungers, between the library and the theater/arts building, with mulch. By end of summer it was plowed and seeded. It is now my city’s first urban garden, and as you can see, a wonder.
We have pretty bad soil, and no water here (I don’t think it’s rained in a year). The red flowering stalks are some kind of soil enhancer with deep roots, to break up the clay. Fava beans are planted to put nutrients back in, along with herbs, corn, and flowers. Fruit trees will be terraced on the hillside soon.
There are no gates around this garden, anyone can come in and take what they want. It’s an enchanted place.


namastenancy said...

Just beautiful! I've been reading about waterless gardens and wondered if you can grow certain things like herbs and tomatoes in this place. Our farmer's market is selling "waterless" tomatoes and they have the most intense tomato taste that I've ever bit into.

kloeamongtheturks said...

I'm pretty sure this urban garden is watered totally by hand, so no waste.