Sunday, November 02, 2008

600th Post, or the Day After the Day of the Dead

Halloween was successful, my Devil and Grim Reaper got the candy, and respect, they craved.
Art opening was successful, although my 4” heels nearly did me in.
I spent part of today cemetery hopping--was very pleased to see the red, orange and yellow flowers flooding the graves, and many people still sitting around in their lawn chairs.
I also checked out a possible art studio in an arty little neighborhood. Now I just have to figure if I can afford it.
Or maybe I can’t not afford it at this point.


Turtle Ink said...

I vote for "you can't not afford it" It's high time kloe had a room of her own!!! lots of love and keep the posts coming, you're wonderful!

kloeamongtheturks said...

We'll see what the final rental price will be... but yes, I need to stop messing around!
Thanks for the info you sent!