Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hillary Redux

Certain members of my family supported Clinton in her presidential run, and when she lost the nomination, turned to McCain. Let’s just say, it made for risky family discussions. Name calling, even. We could only agree that we thought Clinton deserved better.
And now it seems, she’ll get it. Secretary of State is fine with me. Obama is making such interesting choices, so soon.
We need him to be effective right now, before everything goes so bad we can't claw our way out of the hole. I and almost everyone I know, could lose our jobs. Makes it hard to sleep.


Jane said...

I have yet to understand how a Hillary supporter could move to McCain and it became even more puzzling when SP was on the ticket. These two women are so far apart in competence and brain power that it leaves my head spinning. I have high hopes for the Obama administration!!

kloeamongtheturks said...

I know, worse when it's your mom you can't understand.
Hoping for detente now.