Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I’ve committed to renting a studio.

It’s not done, only framed in, no dry wall. But the thought that in a few months I’ll have a space, wow, it’s a relief.
It’s sort of crazy in this economy to increase my expenses, but not to do it would be to acknowledge again putting off my career. For what? There are no more excuses like the kids are young, or I need to finish my education, or I should concentrate on getting a tenure-track job (that just won’t happen).
I’ve got many projects going, and my little patio, soon to be cold, can’t handle it. Not to mention you can hardly invite someone for a studio visit to see paintings tacked up on your neighbor’s fence...
(P.S. Hamster is still alive, smothered in Biscuit love.)


namastenancy said...

Chok guzel, Kloe, chok guzel -- my Turkish is marginal after all these years and I don't know how to make the accent marks but it's supposed to mean Very Good, Kloe. Very good.

kloeamongtheturks said...

Tesekur ederim! Seni anliyorim.
(Thanks! I understand you.)