Monday, December 15, 2008

Shoes Fallen and Thrown

And yes, they have killed the charter. They, the majority of the teachers, backed by the elementary school superintendent, have voted to become a “district” school again.
Can you imagine it? To take a unique, autonomous, successful learning environment that is focused on project-driven learning, and throw it all away? To become another No Child Left Behind cog in the giant testing wheel that is public education?
What steams me the most is that the consultant and higher-ups are saying “it’s no one’s fault,” that the school, viciously divided, must heal itself. When it most definitely is someone’s fault. Just as the Iraqi who threw the shoe laid the blame on George Bush, the loss of the school charter is the director’s responsibility. Now she must face the mess of teacher vs. teacher and parent vs. parent. It can’t be fixed.

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