Monday, December 29, 2008

Twilight, 2008

These days between Christmas and New Years are a sort of No Woman’s Land. Nothing happens, only too much family, eating, and sleeping. The weather has been typical for Socal Winter: bright sunlight, clear air, and cold (for here—come on, you know we’re wimps).
I’m nostalgic for Christmases Past, when my grandparents were alive. My grandfather was the most generous person I’ve ever met, bar one, and he delighted in extravagant presents. He had four daughters, and would buy my aunts and mom fur-lined coats one year, pearls another. We ate prime rib and drank homemade eggnog.
Now we’re so casual, sandwiches and cheap wine. The presents were few this year, except of course for Santa, he came through with shining colors. As did our football team...
I don’t want my kids to suffer this resession. I want them to be nostalgic about their childhood holidays, just as I am.
And how was your holiday?

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