Thursday, January 08, 2009


Went out on the water today in my kayak to calm my nerves. Saw amazing wildlife: fat pelicans dive-bombing, white egrets playing on the shore, a falcon circling overhead with a fish, entrails hanging like kite string, in its claws.
Have been having our own small wildlife crisis at home. Two days ago a child, who shall remain unnamed, left the cage door open, and our beloved Biscuit jumped ship, a fact that went undiscovered until she was long gone. I assured crying offspring that she would be found, and preceded to lace the house with carrots, which went untouched. I also set my alarm last night to get up at 2am and 4am, scouring the house for night crawlers. Nothing.
All closets and cabinets were emptied and searched. Hope was fading. No music or tv was allowed so I could hear all sounds. And then today I heard “crack, crack, crack,” the sounds of hamster snacking. From the kitchen. From the oven. Yes, she was in the oven, safe. Making a nest. And I had almost baked some comfort cake this morning.
Pitiful, how prayers go up for a pet, no?

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