Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Look at these beauties… my idea of a house, my idea of a painting (by Dave Fobes). And guess what they’re made of… duct tape.
Much better than getting a mad dog set on you when all you’re trying to do is see the view, no? After teaching 7 hours straight?
It was a long day.


Kevin Freitas said...

Agreed! Just saw the show and Fobes work this past Tuesday at the Cannon Gallery. I would love to hear your comments though about the show in general! What did you think?

kloeamongtheturks said...

Well hung show, enough space to let the art breathe. Good range of media with traditional imagery to riskier works. I didn't understand why M-L's assemblage had to be so big, it was more something to go around than ponder.
And what did you think?

Mr.Fobes said...

Thanks for the props
If you look carefully ;its the same house with 180 degrees of viewing differance.

This IS my idea of a house, open, light, wet and warm.

Duct tape is the new acrylic

Kevin Freitas said...

"Duct tape is the new acrylic" - that's brilliant! lol

That's interesting, I thought just the opposite about the installation - too cramped, especially and I've forgotten the artists name, the one who did the cut-out submarine, jammed as it was inbetween Bennett's sculptures.

I was disappointed by Greve's large portraits - much better work in the Movers and Shakers show. I would have nixed two of the works in the Cannon show by him - too much room taken and unnecessary attention. Loved the "furniture" pieces and of course Fobes' works.

May-Ling's work was shrunk down believe it or not from its original configuration, which was displayed last year up in Escondido. Yes, not a very successful piece.

All in all, an OK show. Nothing in it that was truly surprising or still clinging to the inside of my brain.

Mister Fobes said...

Of course I am biased, but I too thought the show was way too cramped

Shawn Goodell did the submarine piece and I thought instead of curation, the installation of Bennetts sculpture on either side was a shot as decoration (not a good thing)

I was very disappointed in the installation of my work, considering they were intended to be shown side by side with eye level at the horizon line, instead, eye level was at the nether land between the two.

Too much traditional media for me, and a blatant lack of abstraction.

On the other hand, there are few opportunities for local artists to show in non-commercial, venues. So I applaud the intent of the Cannon Gallery.

kloeamongtheturks said...

Hi Guys,
Yeah, we can't be too hard on Cannon, it's a library afterall. A juror picks the work based on "quality" and then must make all these disparate media and content work together in a small space. I guess the other model is the Birdie Taylor Library, highly curated--is it more successful?

I'm sorry your work was hung incorrectly Dave, but I still thought it beamed. Also liked Shawn's sub...

Have you guys heard about the plan to have an international arts fair here in Fall 09???

Kevin Freitas said...

A follow up (in greater detail) to the discussion started on this thread:

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