Friday, January 23, 2009

Works in Progress

I’m still in my downstairs cavern, painting amidst construction dust and noise. My studio may not be ready until March, frustrating but bearable.
I’m going to write an occasional series of posts showing works in progress. Here’s the first.
I thought this Nike painting was done, but, after hanging it with the others in the Greek series, it made me feel uncomfortable. It was unfinished and bottom heavy. Classical sculpture is nothing if not balanced. So today I added a head (of a model friend). I may soften it. But I like the way her down-turned face contrasts with the victorious stance. And that she’s a woman without arms, pretty symbolic.
What do you think?


namastenancy said...

I really like these - it's difficult to have a "new take' on classical sculpture as we've been bombarded with those images since birth. But you are pulling off the impossible by making them fresh, modern and very interesting. I'd love to seem some larger images so that I can see more of the paint but what you've given us is choice.
Good luck on the new studio; I hope it's finished soon so you can put that all behind you and concentrate on painting.

kloeamongtheturks said...

Thanks so much! I've wondered if I'm just rehashing old classics without adding anything.
But I'm ready to start something new soon, and that's a good feeling.

Hope your painting goes well.