Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I promised I wouldn’t complain.

I did.
My legislators are locked up trying to cut thousands of state jobs, and it’s very real I might soon have time on my hands.
But today I was stressed. I taught four hours of linear perspective, hopped in my car for a half hour drive to my next school, eating en route, to teach another three hours on the same subject. Which, if you’ve ever tried it, is hard to learn, let alone teach. Vanishing points, cast shadows (did you know that sun and artificial light function differently when rendered in 2D?)…
So I’m taking roll in my afternoon class, and notice a student absent for a second day. Maybe he’s dropped. I call his name to make sure he’s not there. A moment later another student comes and whispers in my ear that the absent student died last week. Some kind of accident. He was 18.
And then I had to continue to teach the class in a shock at the loss. Sort of put things into perspective.


Expat^Square said...

Complain as you wish, Kloe. I believe it is healthy to complain. One can not and should not store every issue inside. Complaining does not solve the problems but it does take some stress and pressure away.

Death is part of life, part of nature, however, it is still difficult to deal with it.

I hope Arnold will save your job. Cross your fingers.


kloeamongtheturks said...

Hi Expat,
Thanks! I think this is the first time I've lost a student during their enrollment in my class...
Are you still living in Turkey? I often wish I was there.

Expat^Square said...

Hi Kloe,

Yes, I am still living in Turkey. I am originally from Izmir. I lived in Boston for 16 years and two years ago I moved back to Izmir. So, I guess I am actually from "there", too. Hence the nickname of "Expat^Square" ;-)

Economy in Turkey is not currently any better than the one in the US. I currently have conflicting feelings about where I would like to, or rather, be... I feel like I'd like to go back there, the next hour I feel lucky that I am here. It has all been mixed feelings lately.

I hope you can find time to visit Turkey soon. Perhaps during the summer...

Take care,

PS: Economy aside, IMHO, where you live in SoCal is the best place on earth! ;-) Cherish it :-)