Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Performance Wheels

Finally gave in and ordered new skates, only available online. I needed to replace my fitness wheels anyway, and figured I’ve been skating for two years on these Rollerblades, so why not try racing skates. My Goddess, it was like going from an old VW bug to a Porche. And I got the lowest grade racing skates. You stand in them and you roll.
I have skated with racers a few times. They left me in the dust in a blink of an eye. I thought they were just in much better shape. Now I know the skates are partly responsible.
Which makes me consider, if I have better brushes, pigments, canvas, do I paint better? No, the sports/art correlation doesn’t fly. But why then do we have art competitions? Purely politics.
Anyway, I am flying down the highway now, getting addicted to speed.


Michael said...

Hope you wear all safetys you have :-)
Keep on Running

kloeamongtheturks said...

yes, am wearing a helmet now, look dorkie, but safe!
Are you still running?