Saturday, April 25, 2009

Llyn Foulkes

Saw a performance of this legendary LA artist. Cool. He has created this huge analog music machine, and sings sort of like Tom Waits. Interrupts his performance to talk to the audience.
With him was another visual artist, Norton Wisdom, who “performed” painting. I’ve been aware of this phenomena for a while, and even planned to spoof it in a performance of my own. It’s even weirder than I thought. The artist “painted” on backlit glass with big brushes and squeegees, making strange figurative images. After about 10 minutes, he’d get out a camera, take a picture of his “work,” then wash it down and start again. The process of painting as a trained seal act. But everyone seemed fascinated to watch an image appear as if by magic.


Anonymous said...

Llyn Foulkes!
I remember seeing him perform in Pasadena as a one-man-band in the late 70's or early 80's (give or take a year or two!) He was great. As I recall he had all these drums and horns and stuff hooked up. I am friends with a woman who used to hang around with his daughter in those days. It's good to hear he is still performing. He has some great, great paintings, too... Superman paintings!


Anonymous said...

check out Llyn's work at the Hammer Museum. He's the star of the show, Nine Lives: