Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Make my Stressful Day

It’s been a pretty incredible week. Good for dieting, as I can’t eat. Breathing is hard…
So to top it off, the student I suspended, and reinstituted, and had been relatively well-behaved last week, came into my class two hours late, totally high. I mean crazed. He seemed to think he was fine. He yelled at me, so I told him to leave or I was calling the police. That is IT. I will cancel my class for safety reasons rather than have him there again.


Michael said...

seams you need Karate practice
I know a good trainer ;-)

kloeamongtheturks said...

It's strange, when I'm being threatened in the classroom, all reason leaves me. I try to cope like I'm dealing with a child, when the situation is really more serious. Only later do I understand the action I should have taken.
Which probably is not a Karate chop, but thanks for the note of support.