Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My studio is fast becoming one. I’m teaching less now, as my winter quarter classes have finished and one school hasn’t hired me for Spring. Although I definitely need the money, time off allows me time to breath, and work. I’m spending several hours each day within these comforting walls, feeling more and more at home.
What am I working on?
• Society Pictures (you can see them on the wall, they are miniatures)
• Regular nudes from models (my figure drawing group is now meeting in my studio)
• Greek Paintings (am trying to finish up the last half dozen, and maybe do a few more. But what I really need to do is show them, have tentative plans for June.)
• Trade Show, California – Turkey (this is a BIG project, will post about it soon)
• Plaster Drawings (still in design stages)
• Trauma and Bedroom Series (only planned)
Can’t wait to go there tomorrow.


Kevin Freitas said...

Add getting involved with NPN North Park Nights (please)... afterall, you're neighbors with Amy Paul!

kloeamongtheturks said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence, Kevin. Yes, maybe next month I'll try it out.

Kevin Freitas said...

I posted an entry for "Trade Show" on the blog. A super idea! Bravo! KF