Sunday, May 31, 2009

Green Plague

I now understand running bamboo for what it is: the major menace of the 21st century.
There is almost no way to kill it. Or remove it. Or poison it unless you want to permanently decimate the entire yard. If I were to get a backhoe and dig out the dirt six feet down, throw it all in the dump, refill with good top soil, the bamboo would come back. Because it has gone into the neighbor’s yard, and boy, are they grumpy about that fact.
Never, EVER, plant running bamboo, and I don’t recommend the clumping kind either (may be mis-labeled).
The American Bamboo Society advises to simply cut it down. And cut it down, and cut it down again. For years. Til the rhizomes (horizontal roots) are dead.
Meanwhile can I plant the bougainvillea I want in their place? Stay tuned.

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