Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today I could finally envision how the house will look done, and I’m VERY happy. We cleaned up enough to see through the junk and debris (dump runs), and this little bungalow is beautiful—it was just waiting to be simplified/unified.
I planted the first tree, a Meyer lemon, and a few drought tolerant shrubs. The front will be bougainvillea and bamboo. No lawn anywhere. Two large trees unfortunately have to go: one is a ficus, the other, possibly a bottle tree, is leaning dangerously.
Here’s the front entry before any work was done. The black and white checkerboard will be sprayed off. By next week most of the major work will be finished!


Larry said...

Speaking of projects; what's the status on your trade show this July? Have you collected enough work? Call me.

Anonymous said...

Do not hesitate to get rid of those old trees. Last month, as I was moving out of my old apartment (which had been slated for demolition), not one, but two big old trees fell over- one right into a laundry area, knocking over some clotheslines and breaking a wooden fence. Luckily, no one was in the way when they fell.

House looks good, Kloe! No grass- that's smart! You're close enough to the park.

Re: Trade Show: Artists are still at work. I am anyway.


kloeamongtheturks said...

Thanks, guys. Trade Show coming along. Get me your work!
:) xoxo