Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Like Waffles in the Ice Maker

I have an ongoing battle with freezers. It doesn’t matter what size fridge I have, extra-large American style or smaller apartment-size with no defrost, I always seem to over-stuff my freezer compartment. Things fall out on my toes, I can’t find those donuts I swear I put in there, etc. Giant boxes of soybeans and pizzas from Costco don’t help.
My kids eat frozen waffles, and I had no room, so I put a packet in the ice-maker. Don’t ever do this. The plastic got wound in the mechanism, and pretty soon waffles were spitting out the door into your coke. Which is pretty gross.
Sometimes I really f**k things up.
No one is perfect, especially me.
And I’m sorry.

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Michael said...

You´re a crazy girl, but Artists must be wired I think. That´s a kind of there Art. And I love your Art