Monday, June 22, 2009


I am facing the prospect of little to no teaching income in the near future. California is about to go off a cliff. Classes and staff at public colleges are being slashed. Doesn’t matter how many students are signed up for your class, or how good a teacher you are. Just when so many people want to retrain, they will be out of luck.
Over a year ago I wrote here about wanting to leave teaching. I've been trying, but can't seem to find something that pays. And so teaching has been my fall-back.
Is now the time to go into industry? Compete against the thousands of commercial artists who are already in the job market, who have experience and portfolios, when I have little to none? The ivory tower has seduced me, and left me with nothing.
Am considering private lessons and critique sessions. Breathe.


Michael said...

I know it´s a hard time but it will come better than before. I know what I speak from :*

namastenancy said...

If you lived in the Bay Area, I'd hire you for a critique. I'm completely stuck in my painting and don't have anywhere to turn for critical analysis to help me move forward. Here's hoping that a good job will come your way - it's a very difficult time and we really need another WPA!