Saturday, June 06, 2009

Trade Show

Bungalow is in its final stages. In only one month most of the renovations have been completed. It’s been my job to oversee the workers, be the cheerleader and check writer.
But I’m also working on another project, and art exhibition that I will take to Turkey in the Fall. “Trade Show, California – Turkey” is a swap of artworks between 100 Californian artists and 100 Turkish artists. The artists use a two-dimensional, 6” x 6” format to address these questions:
“What do I value?
What would I trade?”
The work can be in any media. So far I’ve gotten drawing, painting, photography, collage, digital prints, embroidery, and mixed media.
A colleague asked me, “Kloe, why are you doing all this work?” Because, of course, there’s no profit in it. It’s a cultural exchange. But I’ve run into some minor problems, with the exhibition venues, with making mistakes in the promo material, with stepping on some toes.
Anyway, first show is less than a month away.
Artists: send me your work! (If you’d like to participate, leave a comment or email me directly.)

First exhibition venue:
Garage Gallery
4141 Alabama St.
San Diego
July 1-31
Opening: July 3, 7-9pm


Larry said...

oops.. you forgot to mention where it will be shown again..

kloeamongtheturks said...


July 1-30
Opening: July 3, 7-9pm
Garage Gallery
4141 Alabama St.
San Diego

Please come! There will be Turkish food.