Friday, July 03, 2009

Trade Show Opens Tonight

I’ve been working on this exhibition for about six months. Tonight is the first opening; next month it will move north.
Tonight I’ll be showing about 120 6”x6” 2D works, including paintings, photos, prints and mixed media works. I’m completely satisfied with the work that was submitted--it’s exciting, challenging, beautiful and interesting.
Not to mention, a bitch to hang.
I’ll be adding more works as we go along. As the show grows the main structures will be more apparent, but right now I can see themes of politics, spirituality, the body (especially feminine beauty), connection to nature, and the process of artmaking.
Usually I’m afraid that no one will show up at my art openings, but with so many local artists participating, I think this time there will be bodies.
Above artists:
R. Reiss, USA
T.F. Ucar, Turkey
S. Aksoy, Turkey
M. Guieu, USA
L. Muller, USA


Larry said...

Richard said...

>> a bitch to hang.

Backstage sweat, onstage beauty... the installation was impeccable.

Thank you.

kloeamongtheturks said...

Gosh, thanks!