Saturday, August 22, 2009

Planning my Return among the Turks

Finally getting excited about my upcoming trip to Turkey. Have started to collect the gifts to bring to my friends there and organize where I’ll be staying. Will start out in Istanbul, then travel to Eskisehir, then maybe Izmir (many artists from the Trade Show are from this city, and I’ve never been), then back to Istanbul for the opening at Isik University on September 23. May have to get over to my gallery in Ankara too, but time will be short for that much bus time.
I imagine walking in my neighborhood, the sounds and smells. It will be hot. The Istanbul Biennial will be in full swing with fantastic shows, I hope. But mostly I’m looking forward to seeing the friends I’ve missed so much.
Image: Trade Show, Edgar Varela Fine Arts, Los Angeles


Expat^Square said...


Please do come to Izmir. I will be very happy to meet you over a coffee in lovely Izmir :-) Perhaps you can arrange a group meeting with your fans in Izmir :-)


kloeamongtheturks said...

Wow, thanks so much! You'll have to let me know how to contact you.

Expat^Square said...

Hi Kloe,

I will email you at your contact email address.